Areas of Expertise / Legal Translations
In our day in which human affairs are changing and getting more complicated, there is a need for specific laws and rules in order to maintain justice in each area.

 In globalizing world, states and a lot of people with different identities making agreements in a great variety of different fields, do activities in cooperation. 

The rules of law are in connection with the each society’s cultural and historical features. 

Consequently, legal systems and rules of law can be different in each county and culture, and they can have their own notions and features. 

For this reason, since it should be objective, translating rules of law and transferring the legal language into the target language via translation simultaneously brings some complications. 

Legal translation which is not only a serious task but also brings legal obligation for the translator is a kind of a technical translation or requires specialty in translation. 

Legal translation requires a specific working in this field and a basic level of information in the field of law.