Areas of Expertise / Patent Translation
For a length of time, inventors have the right to produce, use, sell and import the inventive product. 

The document, which shows this right, is also known as ‘’Patent’’.

Almost anything that is invented is included in the scope of the patent protection. 

All the rights of a product or a system that is invented belong to the patent owner and without his permission they can’t be used.

Patent is an official document and title which give privileges to the product owners and inventors in the fields of such as selling, marketing, reproducing and producing a similar product.

Machines, means, devices, chemical compounds and processes with any kind of production method are within the scope of patent protection.

Within the aforementioned reasons, patent translation is very essential. 

Invention rights should include the same rights in the translated language and therefore, complete and proper translation has great importance. As Patra Translation Company, we are really self-assured about patent translations.